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We develop and design web pages, we adapt to the requirements, in order to deliver a final product that satisfies the customer. We can talk about three types of pages; Corporate, blog and online store.

In E-Tech Code customer satisfaction is paramount, that is why we offer almost unlimited changes and proposals until we have the desired result.

Corporate Web

Corporate Web

This type of website consists in the development of your brand on the Internet, in order to publicize the product, values, mission and vision of your company.

Sections and information are vital for positioning, we guarantee a solid structure with innovative images and a unique presence, without any templates.

Web type Blog

Web type Blog

The blog is a type of web page that is used for the creation of content, either news or debates, it is divided into articles that in turn have different areas or categories, usually when having a blog, the page must be self-administered, that is, suitable for the user to upload information without relying on the programmer. Like the corporate website, positioning is vital.

Web E-Commerce

Web E-Commerce

An online store consists of the development of a website that is capable of displaying all the products on its platform, as well as prices and derivatives.

The security of information is guaranteed by E-Tech Code when creating the shopping cart and payment methods on the web.

According to studies confirmed by marketing specialists, 87% of users who surf the internet make their purchases after having seen the articles or services on a website.


Website service features


We present the preview of how the website is going to be made.


The pages can be displayed on all types of devices, phones, PCs and tablets.


Las secciones van según el proyecto, cubrimos hasta 5 secciones, extras se cotizan aparte.


Hosting and domain service with the company called Hostinger for one year.


The realization of the page in other versions, carries an additional cost per languages.

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