Development of Bots


A chat bot or also called a conversational bot, is a program that simulates having a conversation with a person by providing atomic responses to user-made entries.

Usually, the conversation is established by text, although there are also models that have a multimedia interface.

Multimedia chatbot

Multimedia Chatbot

It can be integrated into your Facebook Fan Page and is capable of sending files such as photographs and images to the people with whom you speak.

Informative chatbot

Informative Chatbot

Only give information to the user about the business, where they are, what they do, who they are and any basic data you want to communicate.

Operational Chatbot

Operational Chatbot

If you have an online store, the bot can take the user's order and send it to a database for later processing.

The great benefit and what everyone is talking about Chatbots is because of its effectiveness and speed of correct answers that it can provide to the potential client when he enters your website or even Facebook Fan Page.


Bots service features


You can perform and notify actions on the website, such as sending email and taking an order.


The Chatbot is 24/7 on the website, solving doubts and capturing potential customers.

Data Base

Check in real time warehouse data to notify the status of a product.

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