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Admin system

E-Tech POS or by its acronym Point Of Sales is a software that records and keeps track of sales in your company, has functions such as product registration, quantities, categories, prices and much more, allows billing, printing reports, storing Sales, customers, sellers and create profiles.

But not only that, E-Tech Code made this system in a Web environment, which allows you to take control of your company from wherever you are, you only need a phone or computer and internet connection, that is, your company within reach From your hand!



Adaptable to phones, tablets or computers. You only need internet connection to control your company.



We will take care that everything is working correctly, you will have access to a chat where you can answer any questions or problems.

multi operational


Sell, record, monitor, print invoices, reports, all this and much more in one software.


  1. Administrator Panel

    panel pos

    In this Panel only the administrator user has access, where he can see each of the functions that the system has, in the same order of ideas, it is explained that the Admin can see the sales statistics and go to any of the configurations.

  2. Users Panel

    user panel

    The POS system has three user profiles, a main user, who is the Administrator and can create, edit and add products, as with sales, having the permissions to delete, suspend and create new users, a user "Seller ", which can create and edit sales, and finally a user" Editor ", who will be responsible for editing and adding new products and categories, none of the last mentioned has privileges to remove products or sales.

  3. Sales Admin Panel

    Sales panel

    In this panel the user profile "Salesperson" and "Administrator", who have the corresponding permissions can edit and create new sales, also add new customers to those who are making the sale.

  4. Create Sales Panel

    Sale panel

    The sales panel is especially for the "Seller" profile, here the person in charge of this position records the sale, adds as many products as the customer wants to take, will automatically have the sum of the total to be billed, including the added value of VAT, according to The country where you find.

  5. Products panel

    Product panel

    The user profile "Editor" is the one indicated for this panel of the system, he will be able to edit and create new categories, where subsequently the business products will be added according to their category, said user can edit and create them.

  6. Customers panel

    Client panel

    In the panel of customers, the profile "Seller" has the permission to add new customers, create your sale and proceed to generate the invoice for it, with the correct amounts and the automatic application of the tax according to the country where your business is located fiscally registered Likewise, the "Administrator" profile has access to these functions, with the difference that you will have permission to delete clients.


Acquire the Admin System

Month plan

Monthly package


Unlimited User Creation

Unlimited Sales

Unlimited Customers


It does not have its own domain

It does not have its own hosting

It does not have mail accounts

$69 USD $89


Lifetime Package


Unlimited User Creation

Unlimited Sales

Unlimited Customers


Own domain

Own hosting

Mail accounts

$499 USD $600

If you want more information or test the system, you can write to the links below and we will gladly create a username and password for you to access.

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