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These types of platforms definitely play a crucial role in the operation of business, as many use this innovative resource to virtually manage their online activities such as the purchase and sale of products, the rise of important databases, automation of their processes and transactions, among many others. From banks to commercial distributors make use of web applications, so there is no doubt about the immense importance of this tool.



The Software are exclusive creations of E-Tech Code for the customer, including user manual. They are developed so that the functions are intuitive for each user.

web applications

Web Applications

Web applications are software that users can use by accessing a web server through the Internet or an intranet through a browser. They are popular due to the practicality of the web browser as a thin client, the independence of the operating system, as well as the ease of updating and maintaining applications without distributing and installing them on the computers of its users.

desktop app

Desktop Applications

This type of software, is made for the management of a company, are systems that connect peripherals connected to the PC, such as scanner, readers among other devices.

The main feature in this type of software is that it is installed locally and does not need a browser to compile it, since it takes advantage of the native qualities of the operating system where it runs.

The internal billing and stock control system that your business owns directly influences its operation, which is why we develop applications tailored to what your store needs to function properly.


App web developer and local system service features


Our systems include instables for 3 different users.


Customized design of the company, with its colors and logo.


Review status reports in excel format.

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